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I am a full-time channel/medical medium, and author who helps people to nourish their souls and to explore their spirituality to be happier.

I heal others through my readings, Reiki, and my books.

My goal is to make people happier and healthier.

Why is that important?

Thoughts are things. As we go through our days in this lifetime, we have learned that when we are happier, we are healthier. Our positive outlooks spread to those around us to raise vibrations.



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What is a Medical Medium/Spiritual Healer?

I provide messages from the highest realms concerning your health and well being. The energy comes from God to help you help yourself. I will look at your chakras, determine if there are any blockages, and tell you what to do about these blockages. My channeled messages come from the Akashic Records, the seat of all souls. You are responsible for you with your thoughts.

Disease is caused by emotional distress and lack of forgiveness. You are in this life to discover the love in your life. Think of your soul as a car. When you come into this life, you come without a map, but you know that you must go on a journey. I can help you navigate.

I have been granted the gift of enlightenment to accompany my books. The books are based on the same ideas as my readings. With the guidance of the lords and masters of the Akashic Records, I will bring through a message that will help you find peace and love.

Yes, it is a very different reading from your usual evidential message from spirit, and it is nothing to fear. Your reading will help your soul's growth and is based on love. And, of course, it is confidential.

Are you ready to learn you are so much more than human?

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