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As an artist, Susan's work is shown at prominent galleries and juried shows in the United States. She is included in both public and private collections. Her pieces have been featured in banks, hotel, hospital, restaurant, and university interiors; magazines, books, calendars, and showrooms. Click here to learn more.

Her colorful images, seen at art shows and galleries, explore her medium with intelligence and spiritual insight. She has received many awards for her digital art collages.

Artist Statement - Everything is Energy!
Where physics and spirituality meet, you’ll find my art. My digital dreamscapes come from a world in constant motion. I ask the viewer to look behind the curtain, as in the Wizard of Oz, to see this world from this point of view. Everything seems solid in our world, but is it? As energy, we move at a slower rate so that we appear to be solid.

God creates our world. We, as souls, are part of God’s energy, having a human experience as creators of this world. In this illusion, we seek to grow closer to God, learn our lessons, and learn about love; the energy that runs the universe.

My digital photo collages start as several photos or parts of photos, and I pull from them to create one new dreamy image. My fine art canvases and prints celebrate elementals and energy. Nature is the ultimate example of what we create as part of God. My happy images reflect my search for beauty and fun in this organized chaos called life. The bright colors of my spiritual subjects bring joy and hope to enliven any room.

What is a soul?
It is a concentrated, individualized love energy that is ever expanding and flexing. With each of your experiences here and on Earth, your soul has enormous power to create. What do you wish to experience in each life? How will you look? How do you feel and what will happen in each experience? These are all things you, as a soul, decide before each life experience. . . .  

Your soul is like a cell, but on a metaphysical basis, connected, evolving, and growing in the protoplasm of the infinite. It is eternal.”
~ Excerpt from Abiding Flame, by Susan Lukas

As an author, Susan has written three books. Two are self-published and available on this site or from Amazon. Her third book, Abiding Flame is yet unpublished. Go to her Facebook page for more information on her book that offers spiritual guidance and stories for living your best life.



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