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    Welcome to a place of Love and Light!


    Susan Lukas offers half-hour and one-hour channeled messages from the Akashic Records, from loved ones in spirit, and an oracle card message from Sacred Mandala Oracle Cards.


    Susan offers Couples Therapy for one hour, which involves two committed partners. Learn of your other lives together and why you chose to be together again in this life. Visit pre-birth planning and hear what a high-level Akashic Records guide advises. The therapy can be between romantic partners, business partners, or close friends. Are you brave enough to try this?


    Benefits of a Reading from Susan

    • Receive a dowsing rods healing to raise your vibration (one-hour message)
    • Clarity concerning your life purpose and spiritual growth
    • Questions answered by Andreas, a high-level Akashic Records group
    • Your health issues are explained from a soul's POV
    • Knowledge of other lives to help you now, and your personality gifts revealed
    • Messages from loved ones tied to your current situation
    • Pre-birth planning and soul contracts discussed to develop a higher understanding and truth about your life
    • Feel energized and happier about your life
    • Spiritual advice offered to help you to live your best life
    • In person and remote healings are the same intensity. It's all energy.

    Book her to speak to your group by using the contact form below. She can speak on a certain topic from the Akashic Records or deliver a speech chosen by Andreas. Her channeled messages offer knowledge, hope and love to help understand the Ascension.

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    Love and Lht! 





    You gave me a reading before Covid and it really helped. I also bought your books and really enjoyed them. They resonated with me. I have reread them a

    few times and shared them.



    Thank you for the wonderful reading for my dad. He called me afterwards and told me how much you conveyed was spot on and how much it meant to him to be validated/connected to spirit. Laura


    Thanks for the important reading. I am pulling it together to work on key points you accurately reported. Good to have reality confirmed by another. Best, Leifur


    I wanted to know how to increase my intuition. After my reading, I feel like I am moving forward. Nancy


    Thank you! I didn't know what to expect. I am amazed. Karin


    Sue, thank you for a wonderful reading and I’ll be in touch as I explore everything that came to light.

    Blessing to you! Molly


    Thanks! This was really great! I received a lot of validation. Jake


    Provides great healing and insight with messages from the Akashic Records.

    I recommend Susan’s services.



    This really resonated with me and helped me.

    It was not what I was expecting, but it really helped me.



    This is why I came to this show so I could hear what you just confirmed for me.

    Thank you so much.



    Wow! When you first started talking, I didn't understand what you meant, but then we

    talked about what was important and you helped me to understand it all. Thank you!



    I have been told that I was a witch, and I felt I was a witch before.

    I am drawn to plants and herbs.

    Your reading confirmed for me what I suspected.

    You gave me the path to pursue this new direction.



    That was an excellent reading. I had another medium tell me that she wouldn't

    read me because my energy was too scattered. But you made sense of it

    and I understand my path better. Thank you!



    If you are looking for an Akashic Records reading, I highly recommend Susan Lukas.






    They're gorgeous!! Love them!! I bought a second set for my GF and I'm sure she'll love them too. Thank you for signing the booklet! I gave myself a reading as soon as I unpacked them, and it was spot-on!

    I'm gonna enjoy getting to know this deck?



    Thank you so much for my autographed copy of your cards and book. I have enjoyed so much already the gorgeous art, light-hearted messages, and of course, your signature insightful and resonating language.

    I have given myself two readings already.



    I love these cards, Sue, and am enjoying using them!



    Your cards are beautiful! I pulled a card from the deck, read the message in your book, and was amazed

    at how it resonated with me. I'll take a deck.



    I just had to tell you that I just love the deck I got from you so much!



    Visit Susan at psychic fairs to see the deck and to purchase it.

    You won't be disappointed with the channeled messages and lovely mandalas.

    Or order it below.

  • Book Readings

    Order Sacred Mandala Oracle Cards

    and Sign Up for Events


    Sacred Mandala Oracle Cards - FREE SHIPPING

    Sacred Mandala Oracle Cards - FREE SHIPPING

    $25.00 - $30.00
    54 beautiful mandalas with sacred geometry come with a 64-page booklet that offers the user a self-healing, loving way to rise in vibration. Reincarnation and channeled messages guide the user to gain a higher perspective on life. Suggested layouts help you to use the cards. One-card pull to an in-depth seven card message will offer the user spiritual guidance and love.

    The cards come in their own carrying bag. The deck and the booklet come in a soft clear box for protection. Click on the picture to see more images.

    Order a reading with your Sacred Mandala Oracle Cards and receive a $5 discount. You will see the discount in the reading you select.

    They're gorgeous!! Love them!! I bought a second set for my GF and I'm sure she'll love them too. Thank you for signing the booklet! I gave myself a reading as soon as I unpacked them, and it was spot-on! I'm gonna enjoy getting to know this deck.

    Coming soon
    Half Hour Akashic Records, Evidential, and Oracle Card Reading

    Half Hour Akashic Records, Evidential, and Oracle Card Reading

    $60.00 - $85.00
    Let Susan channel your Akashic Records reading to help you to understand your current life. Your soul plan may be discussed and another life or lives will be brought forward to aid in your self-healing journey. Then Susan will bring through a loved one in spirit to talk to you about your life. Your reading will then go on to an oracle spread with Susan's new deck, Sacred Mandala Oracle Cards. Ask a question or allow spirit to guide your message for deeper understanding. The reading will also involve an attunement that you may/may not feel. An attunement is energy from the higher realms that helps you to rise in vibration.

    Add Susan's book, Abiding Flame, to your order for another $15. Shipping is included.

    Add Susan's new oracle card deck for $25. Shipping is included.

    Place your order for a reading, then send a message below with your availability. Susan will contact you to arrange your time. Then you will contact Susan at that time.
    Coming soon
    One-Hour Akashic Records Reading/Healing with Dowsing Rods

    One-Hour Akashic Records Reading/Healing with Dowsing Rods

    $120.00 - $145.00
    This intense healing is similar to the half hour reading where your chakras are scanned so that you know of your blockages. You will receive a message from Andreas, the Akashic Records group that works with Susan, and then an oracle card reading from Susan's deck.

    Plus with an hour reading, you will also receive a healing based on your chakra blockages delivered by the Holy Spirit who assists at all levels in your time with Susan. This can be done in person or remotely. This goes quickly as the Holy Spirit heals in its own time. Some chakras may not be opened due to the client's emotions. You will feel better after your treatment.

    If you are considering becoming a one-on-one student with Susan, this reading is a good place to start and will be rolled into your course fee. Let Susan know this is a possibility.

    Place your order for a reading, then send a message below with your availability. Susan will contact you to arrange your time. Then you will contact Susan at that time.
    Coming soon
    One-on-One Mentoring for the Developing Medium

    One-on-One Mentoring for the Developing Medium

    Do you wish to dedicate yourself to your mediumship? Are you looking for a teacher with experience as a teacher and a medium? Are you looking for a safe environment to explore your connection to spirit?

    In eight weeks, we will explore with readings, exercises, and focus your gifts in a safe environment. Cash and credit cards accepted.

    The first class will be a one-hour reading where we will open your Akashic Records, look at your life purposes, and then open the evidential realm where we will bring forward loved ones in spirit. We will talk about your message.

    This will be an intense program for those who are truly committed to their journey. Your passion is part of your confidence that you should be on this path and want to go in this direction.

    The person who wishes to serve with their mediumship will develop a daily practice of prayer, meditation, journaling, mirror work, and talking to your guides. If you have questions, please contact Susan below and set up an interview time.
    No Refunds.
    Coming soon


    An epic love story, Abiding Flame transcends generations to show that love never dies. Soulmates travel together through history in Susan's channeled spiritual novel. In this crazy world, isn't nice to know that your soulmates have been with you in many different lives? Family, friends, and lovers are all actors in your illusion of life.

    The main character, Phil Nash, learns about reincarnation, an eternal love story that rises above time, space, and salvation. He experiences his own divinity as he learns about fear and how it can ruin one's life. Karma, his spirit guide, leads him on this journey through six of his other lives. As Phil learns that his life is his to do with as he wants, he also learns that love never dies, negativity has its repercussions, and reincarnation is a blessing. Channeled wisdom from Susan's guides adds to the beauty and wonder of this novel. Let the affirmations and messages of love guide you to a higher frequency as you rise above and see your life mirrored on these pages.

    This book is not suitable for children with adult themes. Shipping is included. The Kindle version is available on Amazon. Go to Products to find the link and order.
    Coming soon
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  • About Susan Lukas


    Susan Lukas is a medium, Reiki Master, award-winning artist

    and author, and oracle card creator.

    Her healing journey began in 2009 when she started to

    feed her interest in spirituality by reading various books.

    A friend showed her automatic writing, which she

    had never seen before, and another friend

    committed suicide. His death pushed her forward

    in her quest to understand spirituality more.

    A few years later, she learned

    of a Spiritualist church and took many

    classes there to develop her mediumship.

    Daily practice of healing, prayers, and affirmations

    helped her to forgive and leave a sad marriage

    to realize her true self. Her journey was

    not always smooth, but with faith and

    dedication, she found her path to mediumship.

    Along the way she became a Reiki master, and

    later learned how to open her Akashic Records,

    which resulted in her book, Abiding Flame.


    In all of her daydreams as a little girl, she saw herself as a

    spiritual being on the path to somewhere

    different from her family and friends.

    It was this understanding that helped

    her to stay strong when others

    in her life didn't understand her journey.

    How can she help you today?


  • 2024 Events

    Sign up in advance to receive a reading at one of these events!

    Go to the Contact section to reserve your space.


    March 2-3

    Body Mind Spirit Expo

    Midwest Conference Center

    Northlake, IL

    March 16

    Rooted Holistic Fair

    Brookfield Conference Center

    Brookfield, WI

    May 11

    Dare to Be Aware Fair

    Brookfield Conference Center

    Brookfield, WI



    • Susan's objective is to channel messages that bring you hope and healing. If you leave a reading feeling loved and that you are much more than human, Susan has succeeded. She offers connection to other lives to show continuity of your soul. Clients receive an attunement with their spiritual messages. The messages from spirit can be blunt, as Susan doesn't interpret as some mediums do. She closes her eyes and relays what comes and trusts her guides to deliver what you need to hear. Always remember that what comes, comes from a place of love. This reading happens for you, not to hurt you.
    • Messages from spirit come from a place of love and light. Susan channels from a high level of spirit. Come with questions and an open mind. She has been told by several clients that she is very accurate.
    • No one under 18 is eligible for a reading.
    • Many put mediumship/oracle cards in the entertainment category, and clients are asked to make their own decisions based on their intuition. If your reading resonates with you, tell others and help Susan to help others.
    • If something doesn't feel right, say so at the time of your reading. This is your chance to talk to your guides, to know of their love for you, and to help you to understand yourself from a higher point of view. Your message may not be what you expect. If you are unhappy about your reading or you don't understand it, say so. You will receive a refund as some people are not ready for an Akashic Records reading.
    • Susan cannot control who comes in for evidential messages. She doesn't control the messages she receives.
    • Your info will not be shared or discussed with others.
    • Those unable to afford a reading can still receive one. Negotiate with Susan for a discount. Trades may be welcome.
    • Susan believes that she is connected to archangels, guides, and Ascended Masters who are so full of beautiful, loving energy, it sometimes brings her to tears. She wants to share this with you. She is the real deal and trained in the Spiritualist church, among other places.
    • Did you receive a reading from Susan at a psychic fair and liked it? Tell your friends. Write a testimonial. 



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    Susan will contact you to confirm your appointment.


    Do you want in-person, phone, FaceTime, or Zoom reading?



    Susan's spirit guides ask that you contact Susan at the time of your appointment.

    Noone under 18 can receive a reading.

    In-person readings can make other arrangements for payment.

    Southeastern Wisconsin
    414 331-1644
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