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    Welcome to a place of Love and Light!


    Susan Lukas offers half-hour and one-hour readings for individuals from the Akashic Records with messages from loved ones in spirit, and an oracle card message from Sacred Mandala Oracle Cards. She also offers couples therapy for one hour.


    What sets her apart from others who are connected to spirit?

    With her channeled messages, Susan Lukas offers evidence of continuity of life and other lives plus her books, oracle cards, and art. Through her connection to her guides, she developed an oracle card deck focused on helping clients with soul growth. The cards reference the Akashic Records and are part of a comprehensive healing session.


    Her readings help with shadow work, past lives, and health issues to show clients how to feel happier and healthier. She is dedicated to her craft, trains daily, and works with three kinds of Reiki, Usui, Nanairo, and Psychic, to expand her healing ability and her connection to spirit. Her Reiki healing ability is not hands on, but comes through in her messages of love and light to her clients.


    Her channeled messages for groups come from the high levels of the Akashic Records with a message for humanity. Book her to speak to your group by using the contact form below. She can speak on a certain topic from the Akashic Records or deliver a speech chosen by her guide, Andreas. Use her services to deliver messages of hope and love to help understand the Ascension.

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    Love and Light! 





    You gave me a reading before Covid and it really helped. I also bought your books and really enjoyed them. They resonated with me. I have reread them a few times and shared them. Julie


    My mom had a reading with you and really enjoyed it. Can I have one also? Myrrhsea


    Thank you for the wonderful reading for my dad. He called me afterwards and told me how much you conveyed was spot on and how much it meant to him to be validated/connected to spirit. Laura


    Hey Susan! Thank you again for our session this morning. Would you mind sending me the photo of the card pull this morning? I want to see and remember your oracle card deck. Jamie


    Thanks for the important reading. I am pulling it together to work on key points you accurately reported. Good to have reality confirmed by another. Best, Leifur


    I wanted to know how to increase my intuition. After my reading, I feel like I am moving forward. Nancy


    Thank you! I didn't know what to expect. I am amazed. Karin


    Sue, thank you for a wonderful reading and I’ll be in touch as I explore everything that came to light.

    Blessing to you! Molly


    Thanks! This was really great! I received a lot of validation. Jake


    Provides great healing and insight with messages from the Akashic Records. I recommend Susan’s services.



    This really resonated with me and helped me.

    It was not what I was expecting, but it really helped me.



    This is why I came to this show so I could hear what you just confirmed for me. Thank you so much.



    Wow! When you first started talking, I didn't understand what you meant, but then we

    talked about what was important and you helped me to understand it all. Thank you! Keith


    I have been told that I was a witch, and I felt I was a witch before. I am drawn to plants and herbs.

    Your reading confirmed for me what I suspected. You gave me the path to pursue this new direction.






    They're gorgeous!! Love them!! I bought a second set for my GF and I'm sure she'll love them too. Thank you for signing the booklet! I gave myself a reading as soon as I unpacked them, and it was spot-on!

    I'm gonna enjoy getting to know this deck?



    Thank you so much for my autographed copy of your cards and book. I have enjoyed so much already the gorgeous art, light-hearted messages, and of course, your signature insightful and resonating language.

    I have given myself two readings already.



    I love these cards, Sue, and am enjoying using them!



    Your cards are beautiful! I pulled a card from the deck, read the message in your book, and was amazed

    at how it resonated with me. I'll take a deck.



    Visit Susan at her psychic fairs to see the deck and purchase it.

    You won't be disappointed with the channeled messages and lovely mandalas.

    Or order it below.

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    Noone under 18 can receive a reading.

    In-person readings can make other arrangements for payment.

    Please read Susan's Ethical Standards before booking a reading.

    Southeastern Wisconsin
    414 331-1644
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    I'm looking for other events. If you are a show organizer, please contact me.

    I also do private parties.

    September 24, 2023

    Illuminate Festival
    Chicago Mariott

    1801 N Naper Blvd.
    Naperville, IL



    September 30, 2023

    Rooted Holistic Fair

    Janesville Conference Center
    3100 Wellington Place
    Janesville, WI



    October 7, 2023

    Mind, Body, Abundance

    11220 W Burleigh (near Whole Foods)
    Wauwatosa, WI



    October 8, 2023


    Wisconsin Center

    Milwaukee, WI



    October 21, 2023

    Rooted Holistic Fair

    Waukesha Elks Lodge #400
    2301 Springdale Rd.
    Waukesha, WI



    October 28, 2023

    Clarion Hotel
    626 W Pine Street
    Baraboo, WI 53913



    November 5, 2023

    Holistic Health Fair

    Hilton Chicago/Northbrook



    November 11, 2023

    Rooted Holistic Fair


    Culver Welcome Center
    625 Pearl Ave.
    Oshkosh, WI



    November 19, 2023

    Wellness Body, Mind, Spirit

    Holiday Inn Riverfront
    4700 N. Port Washington Rd.
    Milwaukee, WI



  • About Susan Lukas


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    Susan Lukas is a product of the school of hard knocks. She left an unfortunate marriage to rise like a phoenix out of the ashes. Daily self healing and writing with her guides since 2013 has helped her to rise in vibration and realize that she wanted to help others as she helped herself. First she trained in the local Spiritualist church by attending classes and circles where she developed her mediumship gradually. She also trained in Reiki and offered healing to many. She is a Usui Reiki Master. She expanded her Reiki healing by attuning to Nanairo Reiki and Psychic Reiki. By asking her guides and working with them daily, she has created miracles in her life.


    In 2014, she wrote her first book, Naturally, She's Dreaming. She received the idea from a medium who brought through her father who suggested that she do this. She created a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund her new book, which was a collection of her digital art and essays. The award-winning book was a labor of love and her first efforts in publishing.


    Four years later, she published her novel Abiding Flame with an accompanying book called The Spirit Connection. These books featured many channeled sections. Abiding Flame is a book about a man who commits suicide to end his pain, only to learn that he is eternal and is responsible for his thoughts and attitudes towards his life and all of his lives. He experiences six of his past lives with guidance from spirit to help the reader to understand his choice to go from suffering to salvation.


    Love yourself first to love others is the main theme of this book. Susan sells Abiding Flame on this Website. Her book was her first attempt at writing a novel. She has a degree in Journalism, but focused most of her work experience on graphic design and photography. The novel has been called fast-paced and enlightening for those who are starting on a spiritual path. It is also an introduction to the Akashic Records.


    She is an award-winning artist who has exhibited her work in area art shows for many years. She has retired from this life to focus on her mediumship. Her photos are still available on her art website www.susanlukas-art.com, Burlap and Lace, Waukesha, Angel Light, West Allis, and Zinn's, East Troy. She found a way to combine her artistic nature with her spiritual nature by not creating another book, but oracle cards.


    This led to her next project four years later - Sacred Mandala Oracle Cards, 54 mandalas were created from her original photos of flowers, lights, and things she drew. Susan created a prototype that she used at psychic fairs to give readings to see how the deck performed. She was very impressed with it. Her guides gave her the nod to print her new cards and guidebook at the end of 2022. Sacred Mandala Oracle Cards and booklet became available in January, 2023.


    Susan will be selling her Sacred Mandala Oracle card deck at psychic fairs. Go to the EVENT section to see where she will be next. Sign up to receive a reading at one of these fairs and see for yourself what her new deck has to offer you. Take home an oracle card deck and Abiding Flame for enlightenment and self healing.



    • Susan's objective is to channel messages that bring you hope and healing. If you leave a reading feeling loved and that you are much more than human, Susan has succeeded. She offers connection to other lives to show continuity of your soul. Clients receive an attunement with their spiritual messages. The messages from spirit can be blunt, as Susan doesn't interpret as some mediums do. She closes her eyes and relays what comes and trusts her guides to deliver what you need to hear. Always remember that what comes, comes from a place of love. This reading happens for you, not to hurt you.
    • Messages from spirit come from a place of love and light. Susan channels from a high level of spirit. Come with questions and an open mind. No one under 18 is eligible for a reading.
    • Many put mediumship/oracle cards in the entertainment category, and clients are asked to make their own decisions based on their intuition. If your reading resonates with you, tell others and help Susan to help others.
    • If something doesn't feel right, say so at the time of your reading. This is your chance to talk to your guides, to know of their love for you, and to help you to understand yourself from a higher point of view. Your message may not be what you expect. If you are unhappy about your reading or you don't understand it, you will receive a refund.
    • Susan cannot control who comes in for evidential messages. She doesn't control the messages she receives.
    • Your info will not be shared or discussed with others.
    • Those unable to afford a reading can still receive one. Negotiate with Susan for a discount. Trades may be welcome.
    • Susan believes that she is connected to archangels, guides, and Ascended Masters who are so full of beautiful, loving energy, it sometimes brings her to tears. She wants to share this with you. She is the real deal and trained in the Spiritualist church, among other places.
    • Did you receive a reading from Susan at a psychic fair and liked it? Tell your friends. Write a testimonial. 



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