• Susan Lukas, Psychic Medium, Oracle Card Reader, &

    Reiki Master Healer

  • Welcome to a divine place of Love and Light!

    What can you expect when you ask for reading?

    You will be introduced to a passionate, caring psychic medium who offers two types of readings. Combine them for a hour long reading delving into your deepest self.


    Susan will channel from an Ascended Master and then from a loved one to aid in your healing process. With 9 years of experience, Susan has developed her connection to the higher realms. Your Akashic Records are accessed and your healing begins here. Let Susan help you to understand your life better.


    INTRODUCING - Sacred Mandala Oracle Card Deck

    The channeled deck features 54 mandalas with a booklet that helps the user to understand their spiritual self. Allow Susan to read for you to see your life from the psychic point of view.


    Go to Sacred Mandala Oracle website to see some of her beautiful mandalas and to order them for your home, altar, or business. They come in two sizes.


    The deck will be offered to the public at a later time.




    1. Personal sessions for mediumship or oracle cards are available for 30 minutes or an hour ($50/100)
    2. Couple sessions are available for one hour ($100)
    3. Combine medium and psychic sessions for one hour ($100)
    4. House healing is available for one hour ($100) plus travel fee starting at $10 for a local visit.
    5. House healing with a reading is available for $200 plus travel expenses. (2-hour session)
    6. Need a reading, but can't afford the fee? Contact Susan for a consultation based on what you can afford. Specially-priced readings are available for those with financial difficulties. If you feel you qualify, contact Susan. She will not turn away any soul who wants or needs a healing.
    • Susan's spirit guides ask that you contact Susan at the time of your appointment. Arrange ahead of time how you wish to receive your messages and then send the link to Susan. Susan's phone number is in the contact section.

    What sets her apart from others who are connected to spirit?

    Susan Lukas offers evidence of continuity of life and past lives plus her channeled books, mandalas and art. Through her connection to her guides, she developed an oracle card deck focused on helping clients with soul growth.


    Choose from either her messages from Ascended Masters and loved ones OR an oracle card reading using her new deck. Combine these services in a one-hour reading that will wow you.

    Which one feels best for you?


    Her readings help with shadow work, past lives, and health issues to show clients how to feel happier and healthier. She is dedicated to her craft, trains daily, and works with three kinds of Reiki, Usui, Nanairo, and Psychic, to expand her healing ability and her connection to spirit.


    Shadow work is defined as looking within to heal conflict, anger, fear, and emotions that create unhappiness and illness. This may be related to your current life or to other existences. We often repress our darker emotions as we see them as weak or negative, but in resolving our pain we find peace. It is the opposite of worries, fear, anxieties and stress.



    • Open with a prayer to Mary Magdalene and archangels
    • Deliver a message from Mary Magdalene. What she brings through depends on what she thinks you need. It may involve past lives as it relates to your current situation. Her messages are deep and informative.
    • Deliver a message from the spirit realm (loved ones in spirit). Susan can ask for a certain spirit to come through, but will not guarantee it.
    • Answer any questions
    • Deliver your healing to raise your vibration
    • Pull one card from the Sacred Mandala Oracle Card deck
    Please answer yes, no, maybe to any questions that Susan asks you during your reading.
    • Facebook, Zoom, Inperson
    • Ask a question (Avoid yes or no questions and try to be as precise as possible)
    • Susan will create a 6-card spread to answer your question
    • She will provide a reading based on your cards
    • If time remains you may ask another question
    • First Susan will bring through her mediumship guidance to help you to understand your soul journey
    • Evidential messages will connect you to your loved ones who have passed
    • An oracle card spread will allow you to focus your questions and to go deeper into your subconscious
    • A healing will raise your vibration
    • Payment is required before your reading. If you are dissatisfied with your reading, a full refund will be given. Susan's goal is to offer healing. She can not guarantee what souls will come through or how your cards will influence your life.
    • Missed appointments can be rescheduled, but a new fee is required.
    • Come with an open mind and be willing to take notes, ask questions, and receive your healing.
    • Drink lots of water after you receive a healing. Avoid caffeine, sugary drinks, and alcohol. Rest and contemplate your reading.
    • Thank you for taking the steps to love yourself and understand yourself from a higher dimension.
    • You can contact Susan monthly for healings and oracle card readings.
    • 30 minutes - $50
    • One hour - $100
    • In person, Zoom, Facebook is available for all readings
    • Phone for mediumship readings
    • One hour - $100
    • In person, phone, Zoom, Facebook
    • Are you soulmates?
    • Counseling with mediumship and/or oracle cards


    "Wow, you really helped me. This was fantastic."

    "Your reading really gave me a lot to think about."

    "Thank you for all of your advice."

    "I'm going to take your card and contact you again."

    "You are awesome."

    "This was a good reading! You really helped me."

    "Wow, that was a lot of information."

    "Thank you, Sue. I'll try it."

    "I would really like you to speak to our group about the Akashic Records and then have you give everyone a reading and tell us about your book."

    "You really have a gift!"

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  • Events

    Sign up in advance to receive a reading at one of these events!

    Oct. 2

    Wisconsin Center, Hall B

    Milwaukee, WI

    Oct. 8

    Rooted Holistic Healing & Wellness Fair

    Western Technical College-

    Lunda Center
    319 7th St N.

    La Crosse, WI

    Oct. 22

    Rooted Holistic Healing & Wellness Fair

    Racine Civic Centre
    S 5th St.

    Racine, WI

    Nov. 5

    Rooted Holistic Healing & Wellness Fair

    Waukesha Elks Lodge #400
    2301 Springdale Rd. 

    Waukesha, WI

    Nov. 13

    Northshore Body, Mind, Spirit Expo

    Holiday Inn Milwaukee Riverfront

    4700 N. Port Washington Rd.

    Milwaukee, WI


    March 25-26, 2023

    Body, Mind, Spirit Expo

    Sheraton Four Points Milwaukee Airport,
    5311 South Howell Ave,
    Milwaukee, WI.


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