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    15 min.

    Sacred Mandala Oracle Card readings only - $25


    30 min.

    Akashic Records reading, message from spirit, healing, and Sacred Mandala Oracle Cards readings - $50


    One Hour

    Akashic Records reading, message from spirit, healing, and Sacred Mandala Oracle Cards readings - $100


    Can be done by Phone, Zoom, Facebook, or in person (call for details)


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    You can choose your reading based on cost, of course, but that won’t give you the big picture.


    Sacred Mandala Oracle Cards readings are done with Susan's new deck. They are not published yet, but she has a prototype that works well. Oracle cards read the psychic energy around the client. They are similar to Tarot cards, but Susan’s deck contains 54 cards, while the Tarot deck is 78 cards. This type of reading is good for self healing and shadow work. Not medical advice or past lives. She has been using her deck at psychic fairs and private readings. The results are very pleasing. Her cards help clients to receive spirit's guidance twice to reinforce the message.


    Akashic Records involves your guides and Ascended Masters who help you to understand this life as it relates to other lives and your soul plan. Before birth, you soul makes a plan and then you are born and forget what you planned. An Akashic Records reading helps you to focus your intentions for your best life.


    Many ask Susan what are the Akashic Records. They contain all of your memories from lives past and present. In your reading, the guides bring forward a life that is similar to your current existence, and validates it to help you to rise in vibration. Akashic Records readings facilitate self healing and shadow work.


    Next Susan uses psychic Reiki to scan your chakras and tell you of any blockages for your self healing. Then she heals you. Avoid soda, caffeine, and alcohol afterward. Drink lots of water to flush your system.


    Evidential reading offers you a connection to a loved one in spirit. She can’t call someone in or guarantee who will come in. But the messages are part of a powerful package of love and light.


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    • Susan's objective is to channel messages that bring you hope, peace, and healing. If you leave a reading feeling that you are much more than human, Susan has succeeded. She offers connection to other lives to show continuity of your soul.
    • Messages from spirit come from a place of love and light. They are nothing to fear. Susan's clients receive messages as pure as they can be. Readings are not 100% accurate. Even top mediums will say that they have 80% accuracy. Come with questions and an open mind.
    • Many put mediumship/oracle cards in the entertainment category, and clients are asked to make their own decisions based on their intuition.
    • If something doesn't feel right, say so at the time of your reading. This is your chance to talk to your guides, to know of their love for you, and to help you to understand yourself from a higher point of view. Your message may not be what you expect. If you are unhappy about your reading, you will receive a refund.
    • Susan cannot control who comes in for evidential messages.
    • Your info will not be shared or discussed with others.
    • Those unable to afford a reading can still receive one. Negotiate with Susan for a discount. Trades may be welcome.
    • Susan believes that she is connected to archangels, guides  and Ascended Masters who are so full of beautiful, loving energy, it sometimes brings her to tears. She wants to share this with you. She is the real deal and trained in the Spiritualist church, among other places.

    What sets her apart from others who are connected to spirit?

    Susan Lukas offers evidence of continuity of life and past lives plus her channeled books, mandalas and art. Through her connection to her guides, she developed an oracle card deck focused on helping clients with soul growth. The cards reference the Akashic Records and are part of a comprehensive healing session.


    Her readings help with shadow work, past lives, and health issues to show clients how to feel happier and healthier. She is dedicated to her craft, trains daily, and works with three kinds of Reiki, Usui, Nanairo, and Psychic, to expand her healing ability and her connection to spirit.


    Shadow work is defined as looking within to heal conflict, anger, fear, and emotions that create unhappiness and illness. This may be related to your current life or to other existences. We often repress our darker emotions as we see them as weak or negative, but in resolving our pain we find peace. It is the opposite of worries, fear, anxieties and stress.





    You gave me a reading before Covid and it really helped. I also bought your books and really enjoyed them. They resonated with me. I have reread them a few times and shared them. Julie


    My mom had a reading with you and really enjoyed it. Can I have one also? Myrrhsea


    Thank you for the wonderful reading for my dad. He called me afterwards and told me how much you conveyed was spot on and how much it meant to him to be validated/connected to spirit. Laura


    Hey Susan! Thank you again for our session this morning. Would you mind sending me the photo of the card pull this morning? I want to see and remember your oracle card deck. Jamie


    Thanks for the important reading. I am pulling it together to work on key points you accurately reported. Good to have reality confirmed by another. Best, Leifur


    I wanted to know how to increase my intuition. After my reading, I feel like I am moving forward. Nancy


    Thank you! I didn't know what to expect. I am amazed. Karin




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