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    Showing You the Path to Healing


    What is Akashic Records Healing?

    I’ve never heard of it before. Is it like Reiki? Yes, except is comes from a higher dimension and is done much quicker. No table is necessary. Susan is a Reiki Master and 4D entity of love and light. Her healing energy comes from the Akashic Records and from the Violet Flame.


    What happens when I am healed with the Akashic Records?

    Your 7 major chakras are scanned and Susan is told of any blockages. Then she gives you a reading from the Akashic Records involving your present and past lives. You may ask questions afterward. The most common questions are, what am I in this life to do? Why am I here?

    The Lords and Masters of the Akashic Records will provide your answers through Susan.


    What is the Akashic Records?

    It is the seat of all souls. You have lived many lives and they are all recorded in the Akashic Records. When you return home after a life, you do a review and this is where you will be to review your current existence and past lives. Akashic Records Healing comes from the 5D. It is a new healing modality created to help souls rise in vibration to meet the challenges of your world. As your world changes due to Covid, weather and other occurrences, we offer souls a way to accelerate their healing process. She offers a wellness program that heals body, mind, and soul.


    If you are in doubt on where you are in your healing process, Susan can help you with this. After your message from the Akashic Records, Susan will heal you using the Akashic Records and the Violet Flame. To finish your healing, she will provide you with a folder or email afterward on how to maintain your healing.


    She offers phone, Zoom, and in-person readings at 20, 40, 60 minutes. She also does space healing and animal healing.


    Appointments are by phone, Zoom, or in person.


    Call 414-331-1644 to make your appointment. Then use PayPal link to pay.


    Akashic Records Healings - 20 min. $ 50

    Akashic Records Healings - 40 min. $75

    Akashic Records Healings - 1 hour $150

    Add $75 for house call

    Add paperback books for $10





    • House and Office Calls Available in Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois 
    • Meet with Susan and let her heal you and your space. She will heal your house/office first and then provide an Akashic Records Healing for one person. $200
    • Additional healings are $50 each.

    Enjoy a refreshed environment and have a long chat with Susan and spirit. Ask all your questions and receive spirit's response.



    Susan is protected by the power of the Akashic Records and is not going to bring the virus into your home. You cannot give the virus to her. 4D souls do not attract the virus. She will use the power of the Akashic Records to improve the energy in your space. Any entities will be asked to leave. By raising the vibration of the space, they won't like the environment and will want to go. This applies to any ghosts.


    Call 414-331-1644 to make your appointment.

    Then use PayPal link to pay.




    Susan will come to your location in Southeastern Wisconsin or Northern Illinois to heal your space and tell you how to maintain the vibration of your space.



    Person/Space Healing - $200

    Space Healing Only - $100

    Heal extra person - $50


    Call 414-331-1644 to make your appointment.

    Then use PayPal link to pay.



    With the help of the Akashic Records Lords and Masters, Susan can heal your pet. She will send distant healing to your animal, which will help your pet. If the animal's soul wishes to pass, we can ease suffering. If the animal's soul wishes to remain, we can provide improved health.

    We require that you provide a photo of your pet, your pet's full name and birth date, if you have this information. $50


    Call 414 331 1644 to Make Your Appointment,

    Then go to Paypal.me/susanlukas

    To reserve your Healing Time.


    Your e-mail address will be added to the mailing
    list for special promotions.

    When you ask for readings, Susan will request your full name, email and birth date. All of this information is private and will not be shared with anyone.

    The chakra scan information is for your use only. You can not request an Akashic Records Healing for another.


    Payment is required before healings and house calls are scheduled. Once payment has been received, a healing may be scheduled.

    Appointments that are cancelled 24 hours in advance will be refunded 50%.

    No shows will not be refunded. If you wish to reschedule, you will be charged a new fee.

    ABOUT susan lukas

    With multiple years of experience as an Akashic Records medium, Susan Lukas is an inspiration to many. As a full-time Akashic Records healer/channel, and author, she helps people to nourish their souls and to explore their spirituality. Through her connection to the Akashic Records, she can inspire and enlighten you to help your soul.


    The Lords and Masters of the Akashic Records have blessed her with a new healing modality that goes beyond Reiki. She is a Reiki Master Teacher who spends part of her day in prayer and meditation in order to share her strong connection with you. Akashic Records Healing came to her in three days of downloads to help heal your chakras, resolve present and past life issues to create a happier, healthier you. Her healing modality has been expanded to include the Violet Flame and her mentor is Mary Magdalene.


    She goes beyond what most healers offer with her healing sheets, which offer meditations, ways to improve your health and to cure yourself per chakra. Do you love yourself enough to take the next step and book a healing?

  • Testimonials

    • “I just had a reading and healing with you, which was amazing.”
    • I feel so much lighter after your healing. Your message from spirit was right on."
    • "My house feels lighter. Thank you."
    • "Wow, you really helped me. This was fantastic."
    • "That reading was right on. Thank you!"
    • "Your reading really gave me a lot to think about."
    • "Thank you for all of your advice."
    • "I'm going to take your card and contact you again."
    • "You are awesome."
    • "This was a good reading! You really helped me."
    • "Wow, that was a lot of information."
    • "I would really like you to speak to our group about the Akashic Records and then have you
      give everyone a reading and tell us about your book."
    • “Thank you so very much! I look forward to seeing you again!” Namaste, T.

  • spiritual Books

    NEW daily gratitude journal, 2021, Abiding Flame and The Spirit Connection

    daily gratitude journal

    365 Days of Gratitude with Prompts

    After an Akashic Records Healing, I offer Healing Sheets to help maintain your healing. Here is another tool to help you to maintain your higher vibration.


    Improve your mood, health, energy, sleep, career, relationships, and self esteem. You will see people, places, events, and things in a new, positive way. Each date is a page that allows the grateful writer to list many thoughts.


    You can also use this journal for shadow work. As you examine your past, look for the positive to come from troubling situations. Knowing yourself, forgiving yourself, and seeing yourself for who you are is the basis for creating this journal.


    With its positive prompts, you can easily make gratitude part of every day. You will rise in vibration through your daily practice.


    The Yin Yang symbol on the cover is another prompt to explore the duality of life. (The artwork on the cover is available on my art Web site. Click on the book image.)


    Remember that without sorrow, we would not know joy. Forgiveness comes when we explore these darker parts of ourselves. Let the healing begin in your Garden of Gratitude! Read The Spirit Connection and Abiding Flame for more guidance on your spiritual path. They are available below as paperback or Kindle books.


    This book is available only in paperback. Place your order below on Amazon, or contact Susan and order the book with your healing.


    With a Healing- $10; without a healing - $14.99

    Abiding Flame, channeled novel by Susan Lukas



    A Love Story for the Spiritual Soul

    Abiding Flame is an intricately woven tale of a flawed soul who learns about the possibilities and complexities of redemption. Through his many incarnations with his soul mates, he learns about love, forgiveness, and God's infinite mercy.


    Explore the epic love story that spans thousands of years as the three main characters move between lives and sexes. These souls find each other again and again in each existence.


    Phil goes on this adventure with Karma, his spirit guide, who shows him that love never dies. Read Abiding Flame's inspirational messages that come directly from spirit. Realize that you are so much more than human and apply what you learn to your own life. The novel offers hope, love, and healing from the higher realms.



    Susan weaves very interesting stories that definitely kept my interest,
    but also demonstrated the often complex realities of reincarnation and the meaning and purpose of life. If you are new to this concept, or if you are already a believer, Susan’s book will definitely teach as well as entertain. A great combination! Sherry


    Hi Susan, I'm just finishing up your second book and I absolutely have loved your books. Soul work is something I have been working on in the last few years and I’m intrigued to keep learning more. I’m interested in a 40 min session. What does your availability look like? Tami


    I read this 2 times already and have been recommending it to everyone. It is such an incredible thought provoking and eye opening book!

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing this with us all! #recommendedreading



    The Spirit Connection

    Companion Book to Abiding Flame

    Questions and answers directly from God about how to live

    your best life.

    Expands on the ideas presented in Abiding Flame.

    Also features mediums and healers chosen by the author as good, true connections to God to help readers to understand the services provided by healers and mediums.

    Read Abiding Flame first, and then this book to help answer more questions from spirit.









    order paperback versions
    two books for $20

    shipping and tax included in US

    Fill out the contact form below and then go to PayPal.me/susanlukas to pay


    Receive a healing and buy books at these events

    OCTOBER 17

    Northshore Body, Mind, Spirit Expo

    Four Points by Sheraton, Brown Deer, WI


    One more show will be added in November. Please check back.


    Susan took her first Reiki class in 2012 in Grafton, Wisconsin. When she needed money to take the training, her husband won money in the lottery and gave her the funds. The same thing happened when she wanted to take her second level of training. Spirit was supporting her goals. She is one of the few Akashic Records Healers in Wisconsin.


    In 2014, Susan took her master Reiki healing class and had money from her first successful book, Naturally She’s Dreaming to pay for the training. Susan went to a medium before she published her first book who told her that she would be successful raising money to publish it by creating a Kickstarter campaign. And she was.


    Later in 2017, Susan took the Master Reiki class again with a medium with a higher vibration who helped to open her further to her healing connection. She also went to Chicago to attend a seminar with channel Paul Selig, who gave her an attunement that opened her gifts further. She strengthen her healing ability by healing herself twice per day with a special healing prayer given to her by her guides.


    In 2018, Susan started offering her healing services at psychic and healing fairs along with her channeled books, Abiding Flame and The Spirit Connection. Four years before, her guides came to her to ask her to write another book with them. They provided the outline and most of the plot while Susan did the writing and research into the areas of history that the guides referenced in Abiding Flame. Four of her past lives were used.


    The book offered a spiritual love story with historical references that span thousands of years. Readers learned that they are soul first; human second, and they are eternal. Reincarnation and karma were explained in a way that Susan had never seen in another novel.


    In 2019, Susan was blessed to receive a new form of healing due to her dedication to her faith and healing called the Akashic Records Healing. It is based on Reiki, but is so much more. First Susan scans the chakras, provides a reading based on the chakras that are most blocked. The healing opens up the blockages in the chakras by raising the vibration of the recipient.


    During the pandemic shutdown, Susan continued with her daily healing and received a spiritual mentor – Mary Magdalene who offers her increased healing ability and helps her to accept the major changes that have occurred in her life since she became a healer.


    In 2021, the Violet Flame was added to her healing tool kit where she is given visions of where the strongest blockages (possible illness) are located and can heal them. All of this was done to help Susan to overcome her connection to mainstream society, strengthen her faith, and to rise to 4D healing ability.


    While Susan studied and prepared for the next part of her healing adventure, she offered her healing art work on her other Web site and at art shows in Wisconsin and Illinois. She is a Wisconsin Akashic Records Healer who is dedicated to her faith and service. She was guided to this by spirit with whom she communicates daily.


    With love, she offers a level of healing that transcends the physical; helps recipients to realize that they are eternal beings; and creates a new level of understanding for her clients. Her healing sheets, created with her guides, allow her clients to maintain their healings afterward.


    Susan said, “This has been an amazing, beautiful journey, which has not ended but is ready to blossom further.”


    If you are serious about healing your physical and emotional pain, Susan will help you on your journey. There are no quick fixes, but if you love yourself enough to take the first step, you will be changing your life by raising your vibration. Many amazing things will start to happen for you. You will see your life from a whole new perspective as you rise out of the darkness of your 3D existence. Susan is based in Wisconsin, but can do healings all over the world.


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