• Susan Lukas, Medium &

    Reiki Master Healer

    Welcome to a divine place of Love and Light!

    What sets her apart from others who are connected to spirit?

    Susan Lukas readings help with shadow work, past lives, and health issues to show clients how to feel happier and healthier. She is dedicated to her craft, trains daily, and works with three kinds of Reiki to expand her healing ability.


    Shadow work is defined as looking within to heal conflict, anger, fear, and emotions that create unhappiness and illness. We often repress our darker emotions as we see them as weak or negative, but in resolving our pain we find peace. It is the opposite of worries, fear, anxieties and stress.


    What can you expect when you ask for reading?

    Susan opens with a prayer given to her by her mentor, Mary Magdalene. She calls in Arch Angel Raphael, and other higher level forces to aid in her messages and healing. She can meet with you in a park in SE Wisconsin for your safety, at a psychic fair where she is available, or online, Zoom, and phone for long-distant healing.


    Susan will provide a reading for you first and then heal you. Her messages for you usually involve issues in your current and other lives. Sometimes those who have passed will want to come in.

    • Personal sessions are available for 20 minutes, 40 minutes or an hour
    • Couple sessions are available for one hour
    • House healings and personal readings are available for one hour plus travel fee starting at $10 for a local visit.
    • If you want to meet in a park, she will charge a travel fee starting at $10 for Milwaukee County visits.
    Specially-priced readings are available for those with financial difficulties. If you feel you qualify, contact Susan. She will not turn away any soul who wants or needs a healing.
    • Open with a prayer to Mary Magdalene
    • Deliver a message from Mary Magdalene
    • Deliver a message from the spirit realm (loved ones in spirit)
    • Answer any questions
    • Deliver your healing
    Please answer yes, no, maybe to any questions that Susan asks you during your reading.
    • Payment is required before your reading
    • Come with an open mind and be willing to take notes, ask questions, and receive your healing
    • Some will feel instant relief from their pain. Others will feel dizzy, tired, feel like crying, joyful, coughing and sneezing. Do not hold it in. This is energy being released and this is only some of the symptoms you may feel.
    • Drink lots of water after your reading. Avoid caffeine, sugary drinks, and alcohol. 
    • Thank you for taking the steps to love yourself and understand yourself from a higher dimension.
    • You can contact Susan monthly for healings.
    • You can continue to grow spiritually by buying/reading Susan's books listed below. 
    • 20 minutes - $50
    • 40 minutes - $70
    • One hour - $90
    • One hour - $100
    • One hour - $200 + travel fee


    "Wow, you really helped me. This was fantastic."

    "Your reading really gave me a lot to think about."

    "Thank you for all of your advice."

    "I'm going to take your card and contact you again."

    "You are awesome."

    "This was a good reading! You really helped me."

    "Wow, that was a lot of information."

    "Thank you, Sue. I'll try it."

    "I would really like you to speak to our group about the Akashic Records and then have you give everyone a reading and tell us about your book."

    "You really have a gift!"


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    Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois
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