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    NEW daily gratitude journal, Abiding Flame and The Spirit Connection

    daily gratitude journal

    365 Days of Gratitude with Prompts

    After an Akashic Records Healing, I offer Healing Sheets to help maintain your healing. Here is another tool to help you to maintain your higher vibration.


    Improve your mood, health, energy, sleep, career, relationships, and self esteem. You will see people, places, events, and things in a new, positive way. Each date is a page that allows the grateful writer to list many thoughts.


    You can also use this journal for shadow work. As you examine your past, look for the positive to come from troubling situations. Knowing yourself, forgiving yourself, and seeing yourself for who you are is the basis for creating this journal.


    With its positive prompts, you can easily make gratitude part of every day. You will rise in vibration through your daily practice.


    The Yin Yang symbol on the cover is another prompt to explore the duality of life. (The artwork on the cover is available on my art Web site. Click on the book image.)


    Remember that without sorrow, we would not know joy. Forgiveness comes when we explore these darker parts of ourselves. Let the healing begin in your Garden of Gratitude! Read The Spirit Connection and Abiding Flame for more guidance on your spiritual path. They are available below as paperback or Kindle books.


    This book is available only in paperback. Place your order below on Amazon, or contact Susan and order the book with your healing.

    Abiding Flame, channeled novel by Susan Lukas



    A Love Story for the Spiritual Soul

    Abiding Flame is an intricately woven tale of a flawed soul who learns about the possibilities and complexities of redemption. Through his many incarnations with his soul mates, he learns about love, forgiveness, and God's infinite mercy.


    Explore the epic love story that spans thousands of years as the three main characters move between lives and sexes. These souls find each other again and again in each existence.


    Phil goes on this adventure with Karma, his spirit guide, who shows him that love never dies. Read Abiding Flame's inspirational messages that come directly from spirit. Realize that you are so much more than human and apply what you learn to your own life. The novel offers hope, love, and healing from the higher realms.



    Susan weaves very interesting stories that definitely kept my interest,
    but also demonstrated the often complex realities of reincarnation and the meaning and purpose of life. If you are new to this concept, or if you are already a believer, Susan’s book will definitely teach as well as entertain. A great combination! Sherry


    Hi Susan, I'm just finishing up your second book and I absolutely have loved your books. Soul work is something I have been working on in the last few years and I’m intrigued to keep learning more. I’m interested in a 40 min session. What does your availability look like? Tami


    I read this 2 times already and have been recommending it to everyone. It is such an incredible thought provoking and eye opening book!

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing this with us all! #recommendedreading



    The Spirit Connection

    Companion Book to Abiding Flame

    Questions and answers directly from God about how to live

    your best life.

    Expands on the ideas presented in Abiding Flame.

    Also features mediums and healers chosen by the author as good, true connections to God to help readers to understand the services provided by healers and mediums.

    Read Abiding Flame first, and then this book to help answer more questions from spirit.

    The Spirit Connection is included with Abiding Flame. Receive all three books for $20. Shipping is free.




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