Dawn, the Hope of a New Day

July 22

Dawn is the title of my new image I created to inspire hope in the world. What do you see when you look at this image? Does it resonate with you or do you turn away? Look at your feelings related to this digital art piece. Use this as a place to start your own journal.

Why start or continue with a journal? This is a place toreveal yourself to yourself. Let out your inner most thoughts, hopes, and fears. What worries you at this time? Write it down and learn from it. How
might you turn it around and find the positive in your worries?

This is a time to remember that you are connected to yourguides and to God always. Yes, this isn’t exactly a wish list to Santa Claus, but a place to understand yourself better, look at why you think you need something, and to help you to refine what you think you need.

Shadow work can also be started here. What is unforgiven inyour life? This is a place to reflect on your inner darkness. What is bugging you? What are your dreams? Are you in physical, emotional, or mental pain? The work starts here. And then later, through meditation and prayer, you try to see the reasons and positive things that come out of a situation.

Try connecting to spirit by just sitting, meditating, asking for only your highest and best guides to come to you with a message. Perhaps you have a vision, or you hear, feel something. Start to record this in your journal. I started this way. I sat and let the thoughts flow to me. As I was falling to sleep one night, I felt the urge to get up and write about a situation that was bugging me. The answer came.

Say thank you when you receive a message from spirit. Be grateful for what you have, but also continue to grow with what you want. On a practical note, if you need a notebook and pens, now is the time to buy with back-to-school sales starting.

Thank you for reading. I will have a new post next week.


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