Yes, my dear, look no further to find a unique offering of love and light for your guests at your next corporate or home party. Susan is offering 15-min. oracle card readings with her beautiful new deck featuring 54 mandalas.

* $25/person with a minimum of 5 people required.
* A private room/space is needed for one-on-one readings.
* Deposit of half down required based on the estimated amount of people.
* Other readers may come depending on the size of the crowd. (more than 14)
* Host receives a free oracle card deck when booking more than 7 people.
* In bad weather, I will cancel and refund your deposit.
* If you cancel the event, I will not refund your deposit.
* Covid protocol will be followed.
* Within southeastern Wisconsin only.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

(Please let me know what attire, time, place, furniture required, and special requests.)

Payment is expected at the time of service.

Contact Susan below to discuss details.
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