One-on-One Mentoring for the Developing Medium

One-on-One Mentoring for the Developing Medium

Do you wish to dedicate yourself to your mediumship? Are you looking for a teacher with experience as a teacher and a medium? Are you looking for a safe environment to explore your connection to spirit?

In eight weeks, we will explore with readings, exercises, and focus your gifts in a safe environment. Cash and credit cards accepted.

The first class will be a one-hour reading where we will open your Akashic Records, look at your life purposes, and then open the evidential realm where we will bring forward loved ones in spirit. We will talk about your message.

This will be an intense program for those who are truly committed to their journey. Your passion is part of your confidence that you should be on this path and want to go in this direction.

The person who wishes to serve with their mediumship will develop a daily practice of prayer, meditation, journaling, mirror work, and talking to your guides. If you have questions, please contact Susan below and set up an interview time.
No Refunds.
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