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Follow YourHeart, But Also Realize You Serve Your Soul First

Channeled message from the Akashic Records

Sacred Mandala Oracle seven-card spread:
Karma, Passion, Miracle, Intervention, Journal, Change, Blessings

Channeled message based on this spread:
Follow your hearts, my dears, but also realize that you serve your souls first in this
life. As you have heard Susan say many times in her readings, you are soul
first, human second and are in this life to advance and serve your souls.

What does this mean? You ask. It means that you come into each life with karma. You
travel with certain soul groups, not just one, and move through time and space
toward the light, if you choose, or stay in darkness.

How do you move toward the light in your life? By serving your passion, by loving yourself
as the miracle you are, and by stopping destructive behaviors such as addictions.
Many in your society are addicted to food. They are overweight, sick because of
it, and feeling bad about themselves.

Look in the mirror and see the love that stares back at you, not the fat, wrinkles, and
supposed deformities that your society has selected for you to revile.

Just stop it! This is the main message we want you to know. That by disliking any part of
yourself, you are disliking God, for God created you. You are magnificent! You
are beautiful! You are God’s creation on this Earth to love yourself first and
then to give to others.

We ask you to journal about your feelings. Take classes that help you to dig into your inner
pain to heal and love yourself more. Susan is offering such a class in August.
No one has signed up yet, but she has many things to share.

By focusing on your healing, you will change your life. You will lift yourself to a higher
vibration. Doesn’t that sound like a good idea? Aren’t you worthy to receive
such a gift? Aren’t you ready to feel better about yourself? Aren’t you tired
of feeling disconnected?

This will lead to so many blessings in your life that are within your grasp. It is time,
my dears. Another pandemic approaches. Another challenge to your world will
release many souls who are mired in darkness. There are many.

Those souls who hate themselves and others will be the first to go as they are not part of
the Ascension that will enlighten your world. This is not meant to scare anyone, but to make you aware of the work that still needs to be done. Come together in peace or come together in hate and perish. This is how this issue is viewed on our side of things.

We walk among you, hear your thoughts, see your fears, and know your anxieties cause
you to turn away from change and love. It is easier to fear in your world than to love.
It is easier to turn away from this message than to be open to the possibilities that it offers. It is easier to close the door in the face of your neighbor who needs help than to give. We know this. We see this.

This fall channeled message will be on Susan’s blog on her website so that you can
revisit it anytime you need help to refocus your thoughts. Send prayers to your
society for it is changing. How it will change depends on you. Your thoughts
are things and so you have free will to read this message and take it to heart
or to turn away. Be at peace. Go with God.

What are small steps that souls can take today to heed this message?

Yes, good question, my dear. Love yourself first. With confidence in your ability to give to others, others will be lifted up. Those who turn away are not ready to accept this concept. The
world is made of all types of souls in different levels of understanding.

Avoid politics and anger at politics for this is all an illusion. There are no accidents and the changes made by your society recently are a reflection of their fears. By attacking them, your fears are exposed. By accepting these changes, you are not agreeing with them, but are allowing.

Look for the fear in your own life. Why does this situation cause you anger and sadness?
What is the root cause? Black Lives Matter, abortion, politician corruption these are all matters that are driven by fear, greed, and power.

Yes, you might say, these are emotions that all humans have. You are saying then that
this is a part of ourselves that we need to love? Yes, my dears, this is exactly what we are saying. Love, love, love yourself. Accept yourself as the miracle you are. How would your world change if all saw themselves as miracles? As souls here by divine decree? As souls who are on
their paths of Ascension?

So your first step, my dears, is to realize that the messages of love that have been in
your world for centuries are there to point you in the direction of the light.
You have free will to accept or reject this message of hope and love.

Be at peace. Go with God.