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Celebrate Fathers, Families, and the New Earth

Today we wish to talk to you about fathers. We wish to address the fathers out there who think that once they impregnate a woman, their work is done. A child is created with two parents. A child comes to a couple as a gift from God. A child is the responsibility of both parents. Yes, a daughter or a son both need to be nurtured by a male figure. Yes, when a child is small, the child may have colic and cry constantly. This is trying for parents. (This is a blockage in the solar plexus of the child and can be healed with Akashic Records Healing, and is a remnant from a past life.)

We see some men walk out or abuse the child to quiet the infant. This will create karma between the father and the child, and is the opposite of what is needed. Fathers are equally responsible for feeding, caring, changing diapers, playing, and reading to a child. They are just as responsible for the spiritual and emotion growth of their child/ren.

What are your hobbies? How can you share this love with yourchild? It is all important and your gift of love to your child. We see men turn away from their children as they feel unworthy of the responsibility. There are no accidents. These children come to you to help you grow emotionally and

We wish to talk to mothers; especially those who wish totake over and control how the child/ren are raised, schedules for the child, and lack of inclusion for the father. This is due to lack of trust in the
fathers on the part of the mothers. Many men feel cut out of their children’s lives as if they were only used for breeding and then told to go back to watching TV, golfing, or back to work. We ask the mothers to loosen control and allow fathers more access to his child/ren. We ask mothers to trust the fathers more.

Why do we choose to write about this subject? Besides theobvious – it’s Father’s Day this month. Families are formed for a reason: to teach children how to love; to teach parents how to communicate and love one another; to talk to you about the children of this generation who are coming in
and are different from the usual children that have been on Earth.

These children have always been on Earth with specialelevated psychic gifts. They are coming in greater numbers now as the Earth is shifting. It is a process that will take several years, but we are allowing these children in at this time to help guide your world to its new beginning.

As the old way falls away, a new way is replacing it. Thisnew way allows adults with increased psychic ability to help form new governments, new schools, new societies around the world. It is the beginning
of one world government as these children are all connected and know it and
trust the connection.

Yes this is a time of glorious change on this Earth ofyours. The pollution, the drama of inequality, starvation, and disease will be addressed in a different way. Love, the energy of the universe, will be felt, examined, and used to lift humans to a new level of understanding. When we say
in Susan’s book, Abiding Flame, that only love is real, this is what we mean.

This is the start of a new series we hope to bring you through Susan. The messages will involve timely topics and help you to understand and trust the changes coming to Earth plane.