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What is a Soul?

Much more than you thought

This is Andreas. Today we would like to talk to you about your soul. Why is it important? What is it? Read Susan's book, Abiding Flame to learn what a soul is, but let me offer another way of learning about the soul.

The soul is you. You are your soul. Without a soul you wouldn't exist for your soul is your connection to God. Your life is an illusion and when you pass from this life, as you have done hundreds of times, you simply return to your normal dimension. You simply change from human into your true self, energy.

You never stop being energy, but as a soul you experience your humaness as a solid without telepathic ability and so much more. You are restricted from doing most things that your soul takes for granted as part of its normal operation procedure.

This is one of reasons that we often tell you from spirit that you are so brave to come into human/Earth existence. You are limited and lost for the most part and restricted. Yes, you have abilities that we don't have in spirit. You have time and space that doesn't exist in our reality. You have pain that comes from lack of love for yourself and others. Your lives feel isolated when in fact, they are always connected to others.

Our reasons for enumerating the differences between human and spirit are not to make you long for home. This is not our plan. We speak today of our differences to help you to know that you are very special, that you are always loved even if you don't know it.

We speak today to help you to love yourself because of your bravery in coming into human existence to accelerate your soul growth. Yes, because Earth is such a difficult planet, many souls choose to come here to accelerate their souls' growth. By experiencing the harshness of Earth, you rise in vibration faster when you understand that Earth is difficult for this reason.

This is the reason for the Ascension that we are experiencing at this time. For centuries, many souls didn't understand, due to your religions, that you are here for soul growth. Life after life was experienced without much progress for many souls. This knowledge that God is within you was withheld. You trusted your priests to tell you how to find God in a church instead of within. They were the liaisons between you and your God as it was defined for you.

We want you to know that this is the major role of the soul - to be that inner connection that every person, plant, and animal has to God/Universe/Source or however you refer to All That Is. Your soul, before you are born into human existence, plans in detail how it will experience life. You choose your parents, your sex, your experiences. Many souls plan to experience tragedies with other souls through soul contracts. Pre-birth planning allows you to select your purpose for a life. From our point of view, lives on Earth are very short as time is an illusion of Earth. Your soulmates come to you in pre-birth planning and relate their purpose in helping you as you coordinate your purpose in helping them.

Husbands and wives come together before birth to know each other when they meet as adults. Old lovers find each other again time after time. Souls make plans to learn and to grow as they walk through the landmines that they laid for themselves before birth and then forget. Your spirit guides who are much maligned for their services are with you to help you to experience these issues that you/your soul chose for yourself in pre-birth planning.

Karma is the exchange of energy that happens between souls. It is neither good or bad, but the objective of any two souls meeting is to balance this karma through forgiveness and the understanding that you are in this life for soul growth. Reincarnation is the gift of knowing each other through time and space to aid in your soul's healing. You may return several times to the same soul for the purpose of healing the energy between you. This you coordinate in pre-birth planning.

God's grace is experienced when you acknowledge that God is in your life every day, that the pain you experience is for the growth of your soul, and that you can change your life when you change your attitude towards it. Without pain, you would not know joy.

We want you to know that the life you are living, if it feels too harsh, can be changed by changing your thoughts. We see that most souls feel unloved due to a lack within themselves. We would like you to try this exercise to help you to love yourself more.

In meditation, relax your body. Most who meditate have a way to do this. If you do not, try this simple method. Make sure you are in a quiet place without disruptions. Take three deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Then we would like you to imagine how your life would be if you were the following:

Self Confident




Agile and strong




Blessed and healed

You are all of these things, my dear, if you believe yourself to be so. Perhaps you have an impairment such as blindness. This you feel limits you from living a full life. When a door seems closed to you, find another way. This is a way to grow your soul. This is a path to forgiveness that your soul chose for you. Forgive yourself for your imagined inadequacy, forgive the world for their misunderstanding. Imagine that you are Stevie Wonder or another person with this issue and explore your other abilities for the growth of your soul. Live your best life with your best attitude. Forgive those who treat you poorly and are mired in their own pain. Bless them for being in your life for their own healing journey may not be known to them. You may be here to be a light in the darkness to others and now is the time to realize it.

As we conclude our Thanksgiving message, we also ask you to find gratitude for all that you have in your life. Think of those who have less not to compare yourself to them, but to help you to celebrate your riches and richness in the fabric of life on Earth. Each soul comes with a purpose. Each soul contributes energy to the tapestry that creates your world. Each soul is precious in God's love. Blessings to all of you as you struggle with your lives. Be at peace. Go with God.