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Israeli/Hamas Conflicts Effect on Ascension

Can we finally end wars once and for all?

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How is the Israel/Hamas war related to the Ascension?

Yes this is Andreas with you today. We ask for your indulgence while we digress a bit to answer this question.

The conflict between these two ideologies has gone on for many years. The Israelis, according to the Hamas, forced their way in and took over land that was theirs. This has created many conflicts and caused many deaths. This situation has not been
dealt with and healed, and this is the reason for the current situation.

Your connection through your country’s pledge to support leads you to also be
connected to this conflict. The karmic implications of this situation come
about due to the energy that needs to be balanced between these two warring

Is this the final conflict then between these to factions? No, but it is the start of the
destruction of this area that many have seen as the beginning of the end of war
for your world.

What causes war in your world? Many reasons, of course, power, greed, political
opportunities to dominate others and show them the correct way to live. Democracy,
communism, fascism, and other forms of government are like religions and in
fact often overlap as they try to control people. Act and think this way
for your best way to live, according to those who control countries.

In feudal times, kings and queens ruled the land. They were deemed to be sovereign supreme leaders who had to be obeyed. It often came through bloodlines where souls chose to come into these lives to be rulers.

Each life,whether pauper or king, comes with love lessons for the soul who chose to
experience these lives. You may have been a king/queen in a life, but the
pauper in another so that you could experience life as a leader or a slave. All
of your lives help you in one way or another especially if you are open to
seeing the big picture.

What is the big picture with the Israeli/Hamas conflict? They will fight until they destroy each other. They will transition and see themselves from the point of view of
souls first, human second. They will be reborn into the same areas and realize
what a tragedy war is and the conflict that goes on for many years will help
them to see that war is not the answer. The Hamas feel that they are victims as
they have suffered under Israeli rules. The Israelis feel that they are the
victims as they suffer the attacks of the Hamas.

Neither side is the victim as all of these souls chose to be involved in this situation for the growth of their souls. The Americans that died also chose to be in this conflict for the same reasons. Their souls brought them to this location at this time because
this is a major life lesson for them. If they survive or perish in human form,
they are souls first, continue to live eternally, forgive their deaths, and see
this conflict for what it is, an opportunity to heal, forgive the opposition,
and to find peace. Finally.

This is the blessing of the Ascension. This is the time of transition where souls will look into their darknesses and find healing for the growth of their souls. This is
the time of love energy bringing more understanding and healing to your world
so that conflicts such as this end. Souls at this time are being elevated to a higher level of understanding.

When you look at the horrors of the world, do you want this to continue? No, you want peace on Earth. How will peace on Earth be realized? By facing your fears, releasing the darkness within you, and realizing that your life is led by your thoughts.
Think thoughts of love and community to see the conflict as a way to teach the
world that they don’t want wars anymore.

We have thepower to kill millions. Nuclear weapons will be used in the near future. We won’t say where. But by using them your world will finally say – No More! This will
be the turning point in your world. Pray for peace. Pray for love energy to
find a way. Pray for the evolution of your planet. This is the positive of
nuclear weapons – not the destruction of the enemy.