Does Fear Run Your Life?


Today I wish to tell a story about my weekend. I planned todo something else for this blog post, but the love lesson that spirit gave me this weekend was very strong and I felt compelled to share it. Besides being a medium, I am an artist who exhibits my work at various art shows in Wisconsin.
My schedule is much reduced as I begin to transition from art shows to mediumship exclusively.  

I was scheduled to participate in Art at the Park in Appleton this weekend. I paid for my booth space and my hotel, which cost me $700. I drove to Green Bay to my hotel on Friday to check into my hotel, and then later go to Appleton to set up my booth. Set up for the show was allowed on Friday
afternoon and evening only.  

I felt anxious and unhappy about doing this art show. I looked at my feelings and thought that the weather was my concern. I didn’t want to set up in 92 degrees, and exhibit my work the next day in 92 degrees with severe storms predicted for the afternoon and overnight Saturday. I went into my hotel room and opened to the evidential realm for a message about the show. My guides said do the show, no worries, earlier when I asked, but I just felt off about the whole situation. 

Herman, my great grandfather, came in. He is often visiting me with words of wisdom. He said, look at your reasons for doing the show. We see that they are all fear based. You worry about money and want to pay off credit card debt. If you didn’t have this fear, would you do the show? My answer would be no. I don’t want to set up in this heat. It will drain me. And I don’t like the prediction of strong storms for Saturday night. I called the show director and cancelled.  

We have been working on money fears for several months now, I’m not ashamed to admit. So I took this as a sign that they weren’t going to tell me what to do, but to pay attention to my instincts and feelings concerning this art show. The weather at all my other art shows had been fantastic, I might add. I felt that something was up with this show.  

After I cancelled, I went and had dinner at the hotel. I felt relief and not stress about the money I was giving up. Art shows are a gamble and sometimes you have to let them go.  Saturday was hot and humid as predicted. I went for a hike at High Cliff State Park then drove back to Milwaukee through the Kettle Moraine. Storms struck the art fair at 4:30. High winds damaged tents and inventory. Luckily no one was hurt. More storms came through overnight, which were more severe. 

I feel bad for those with damaged tents. Were the tents damaged because these artists were there due to their fears? I will never know, but for me this was quite a lesson in trusting myself and letting go of my money fears. The money I lost will be returned to me in other ways. 

My booth would have been one of the booths destroyed and inventory lost, and I would be unable to complete the rest of my art shows this year. I look at everything these days through the lens of what spirit is trying to teach me. This was a harsh lesson. Either way I suffered loss, but I chose with my free will what that loss would be and how I reacted to the situation. I knew that this was tied to money fears. I knew that spirit wanted me to let art shows go and focus on my mediumship. I knew that either way I would be all right.  

Someone reading this post might think, “Okay, but if I were you I would still have all these bills to pay. My family depends on me, and I have all of this inventory. Where do I go with my anxiety and needs? How do I get off this hamster wheel of doubts?”  

Miracles happen every day, was the answer that came to me. As we have advised Susan, who had a lot of money invested in this show, look at the rest of your art show schedule and proceed because you made a commitment to show up, not because you are afraid you won’t pay your bills. Look at your
reasons and feelings surrounding this work you choose to do. 

Does it bring you joy? Or is it becoming harder and harder to do? This is the time of many job openings. Is there something else you would rather be doing? What are your passions in life and how do art shows fulfill that passion? What attracted you to doing art shows in the first place and have
your expectations been met? 

These are deep questions you might ask yourself to understand your motives for doing anything and to help you to go with the flow of your life. These questions should be asked as if money were no object. Who and where would you be? What would you do with yourself? Take chances.

If the deep answer within your heart is to pursue art shows, then go forward. Pay attention to the flow connected to this job choice and remember to keep a list of positives for this situation whenever fear creeps in and wraps its boney fingers around your heart again.  

Yes, you always have choices in your life. This applies to any situations in your life, not just job choices. We all have passions, and as we ride the flow of our lives, we grow and change as needed. Thank you for choosing to read this blog post to the end. Blessings, Sue 

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